Epilogue, and Prologue..

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is the epilogue to a six-part series of a Lifestyle Design experiment en route to Montenegro, Summer 2010. Click here for parts 123, 4, 5 and 6.

After 6: Action Space

If you’ve just arrived at this page, welcome to my personal mission for the next decade or so. If you’ve arrived here after reading the first six chapters of this story, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for indulging me.

The truth is, although a disaster in terms of what I expected to achieve at the start of the trip, these two weeks out of my general routine allowed for certain perspectives and experiences to happen that would forever change my objectives for both my career, and life. In essence, this little story is turning out to be pivotal, and although not having completed much in accordance with the “traditional” work model I was previously imagining, this trip to Montenegro, a certain gift from a friend and host, has designed the blueprint for a future lifestyle: managing to marry together all of my passions and aspirations.

What I’ve realized is, no matter how effective I may be in my work or how much training I’ve received in order to do it, I’m far from wanting to set up some kind of “serious” business for myself, that would involve hiding underneath a veil of engineered professionalism and conservative clothing. I want to coach, I want to help people overcome difficult problems in a huge variety of settings, and in real geographic settings too – not some office with grey overtones and not all day long in my house over Skype. Although it does inspire a certain pleasure this working with clients in your underpants without them knowing it, I want to be with real people in the flesh! I want nature! I want varied and difficult experiences! I want to live!

So what I take from this trip, with all the thanks in the world to my friend and host, to client one and to client two, is a goal, an objective. Something to set my mind towards and something to help inspire. To become world class in the field that I’m in and to fulfill all my lifestyle ambitions, I hereby set myself the goal of completing:

10,000 hours of sharing The (little-known but very powerful) Exercise*, in 100 different countries.

Now this is no mean feat, and I expect it to take some ten years to complete, and that’s allowing for unpredictable moments in terms of interested clients, and unpredictable cultures that just may not need anything that my work can offer them. Ten years, that takes me up to about 37 years of age. Maybe then I’ll start a serious business.

But this goal, I promise you, dear reader, is totally serious. 10,000 hours, I confirm to you, is the chosen objective, because, as noted my Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers from other psycho-cultural research, 10,000 is the amount of working hours necessary to take a person from zero to an absolute world expert in their field. And that’s who I want to be, someone effective, someone who can, nearly every single time, make enormous differences to people’s lives, increasing psychological well-being and general happiness, by carrying out his daily work.

And to do it in a style that’s completely true to who I am, not having to censor certain personality traits, not having to censor the fact, that as a 27-year-old male, I like a cold beer on a hot night or a holiday romance. The truth is that I deliberated a good while before deciding to publish this story – in all of it’s PG-Gonzo glory – given some kind of perceived fear about how the “serious” world would react. But in the end, integrity comes from within and from how you carry out your work, not from how you perceive that you’re perceived by people you don’t really know.

So, it’s going to be a hell of a ride – in fact, it’s already being one. And with that in mind I cordially invite you to follow my journey, to contribute to the story and mission, and to support, if you should so desire, someone who wants to help people to improve their lives, in one hundred countries around the world.

Jordan Luke,

Barcelona, August 2010.

*The Exercise, so that you know, is an amalgam of psychotherapeutic processes developed my New Zealander David Grove. Now beginning to be applied to the areas of Personal and Business Coaching, these processes include Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Self Knowledge among others. These processes and exercises are particularly effective in the resolution of long-standing psychological obstacles, as they, respectful of Einstein’s insight, resolve the problem at a different level of thinking that created it. A client generally feels a stronger notion of empowerment and motivation at the end of a Clean process as the client is completely in charge of their own healing or coaching, and the unique source of any kind of action they want to take.

To find out more about Clean Coaching, the process I nickname The Exercise, or about my travels and plans over the coming months and years, contact me at jordanlukecollier (at) googlemail (dot) com.

For a more in depth scientific discussion of the techniques and theories applied, a wealth of information is available at Penny Tomkins and James Lawley’s excellent Clean Collection website.

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