Discos and Windows

August 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is the fifth in a six-part series of a Lifestyle Design experiment en route to Montenegro in Summer 2010. Click for parts 123, 4 and 6.

Part 5: Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn. The time has come, for Crash and Burn. Work, projects, getting stuff done – the entire crux for you coming on this adventure, however rickety its’ progress has been up until now – is now truly and utterly out of the door. And how. Paying attention to and concentrating on work has been challenging up until now. But now it’s downright impossible. You don’t much care however..

Now, you didn’t see this coming, but you’re very glad it dad. Because, let’s face it, the Lifestyle Design blogs you’ve been immersed in over the last six months or so talk of adventure, social media hustle, long long days on powerbooks with wifi, and never about this. In fact, from what you’ve seen and heard, Lifestyle Designers are some kind of asexual breed, immersed not in reproductivity but only in productivity, and somehow you had subconsciously castrated yourself at the embarkment of the bus back in Estación Nord.

Now after last night’s pig party you’re persuaded to help take half of your friend and host’s music studio down to the beach bar to mix up some of the more bizarre and eclectic selections from deep within your iPod. Your funky pet favourites produce some silly fun in the rackety-blue-wooden-not-even-half-full disco, and you have an entertaining time. In fact, as you relax from your ear-damaging performance up on the stage and share a couple of beers down in the bar, it’s not long until things start progressing and you have the best experience one can have on such a trip abroad; the absolute icing on the cake. You meet somebody new, and you have a holiday romance.

Over the next 48 hours, professional development gets tossed to one side as you find something much more interesting to get your teeth into. And bloody welcome it is too.

Now, not being one to spill too many beans, you’re going to stop the gossip here. But you think it’s worth taking the time to acknowledge, for if a certain person should read this very sentence, that those two days were the type of days that can absolutely change the way one looks at relationships forever. And that you feel totally awestruck at just how direct, honest, open and enjoyable a relationship, however short, can be.

It’s either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when you say a very sad and grateful goodbye to your friend and host, to client, and to holiday romance. The temperature’s still hovering at around 35 degrees and you’re still both breakfasting and lunching on beer and börek. As you make your way up the Montenegrin coast, laptops and projects come out, but it isn’t long until drowsiness takes over and you find yourself asleep. When your eyes do momentarily open you notice just how stunning this piece of coast is and just how vindicated your friend and host was in investing in a highly risky property here. The sea has a rich shade of blue only before seen in photoshopped work, and the neat and uniform development wedged into they bays between the large and striking black mountainside suggests that in this part of Europe they’ve learnt from the tourism mistakes that have dogged other cities back in Spain. You pass the island of Sveti Stefan, an exclusive and fashionable former fishing village that occupies an entire island just meters off the mainland coast. You also, to your delight, circumnavigate the entire lake of Kotor, a natural wonder of this part of the world, and something you can imagine compares to a Norwegian fjord or a summertime alpine lake.

Work thoughts are now thousands of miles away as you drift in and out of consciousness and in and out of peaceful, romantic and nostalgic thoughts about the wonders, sights and successions of the trip in total. In fact, you feel so enamored at the thought of it all that whilst half asleep in the mid-afternoon sun with your forehead touching the window, you realize, in your infatuated haze, that your head is making rested and comfortable contact with something sturdy to the left. When you begin kissing the glass, it takes another few seconds until the haze fully lifts and you realize that the window panel is not in fact your holiday romance.

The next time you manage to put pen to paper is in Dubrovnik, waking up in a gorgeous family apartment that could not be any closer to the tourist action. And as you note to yourself throughout the evening and following morning, the tourist action here is absolutely gorgeous..

In fact, this city is again an absolute museum. Stone streets that are so clean and shiny you could walk around all day barefoot and go to bed at night with cleaner feet than you would have if you’d worn your flip-flops. You’re still kept company by the South American boys, and in the evening time you go out for a couple of tinnies down by the docks as you watch beautiful yachts of all styles and sizes go in and out of the city as people meander past and the sun goes down. Croatia is a yachtsman’s paradise, this is for sure, and does nothing to stop this emergence of a calling from the sea that’s steadily begun to grow since the start of the trip. You talk love and plans and philosophy and life until well into the evening, and later as it’s hard to energize yourself for a couple of drinks and a tour of the city’s bar scene, you retire to the family home in which you’ve found a room back by the central plaza for a good night’s sleep in a civilized bed. Certain members of the family are awake watching TV in underwear and flip-flops, but as enthusiastic as their smiles and nodding can appear, they don’t have too much desire to really engage with another tired and sweaty gringo.

The next morning you set out early and say goodbye to your travel companions. You’ll see them again soon enough in another part of the world, you confirm, and you walk Jesus-like through Dubrovnik centre to the bus station bus, forgiving from your grateful and satisfied holiday glow everyone who cuts into your path and screams in your earhole. You have really had lifestyle over the past couple of weeks, you mention to yourself over and over again, although in terms of work you’ve done no serious marketing or guru session since wandering up that dusty path a few days ago. For all good intentions, and they really were good, you reason with yourself, it’s been absolutely impossible. But as people from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Paulo Coelho, and any number of mythical fantasies between are liable to, quote, that “when you want something badly enough, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.”

In that case, you ask yourself, what was it that you actually wanted then?

Continue to Part 6.

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